French Favorites

When it comes to picking out some favorite French dishes; it’s a tough choice because there are so many. But, to try and narrow things down a little, we’ve put together a short piece that highlights just some of the most popular mouth-watering delicacies found in French cuisine.

Top 5 French Dishes

All of these dishes we recommend eating, and if you like what you taste, why not try, and recreate it yourself, but with your own added twist? Switch on twitch and let the inspiration flow into one of these amazing dishes:

Coq au vin: A sumptuous dish that combines braised chicken with wine, salty pork, mushrooms, onions, and garlic in a kind of light stew.

Beef Bourguignon: Similar to that of Coq au vin, but a little heartier, this stew is comprised of braised beef, beef broth, red wine, and various seasonal vegetables, including mushrooms and onions.

Salade Nicoise: It may be simple, but this salad is one of the most adored of all for diners around the world. The salad is made using a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, tuna, boiled eggs, green beans, anchovies, olives and can be served as either a side dish or light meal.

Chocolate souffle: Definitely one for the sweet-toothed, this light dessert is the perfect finish to any meal. It’s typically crispy on its crust but filled with rich chocolate, just waiting to ooze out.

Ratatouille: Layered vegetables baked in an oven, this dish works well as a side order, appetizer, or main course and is one of the country’s most iconic offerings. Ratatouille can be made with various vegetables and prepared in several ways and can be enjoyed year-round.

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